WATCH: Mariah & Lucy unload a fury of threats at Heavenly and shreds Quad over her failed marriage

Mariah Huq found herself enraged after laying eyes of episode 7 of Married To Medicine where she bared witness to Heavenly firing-off residual digs at her mother during her green screen confessional, so much so that before the final credits had time to run across the screen she was already going live with Lucy in tow to strike back at the attacks. Peep how it unfolded below.

  • QBee

    ‘Acception’..that’s not even a word…it’s ACCEPTANCE…calling somebody an educated fool when you’re clearly uneducated yourself.

  • QBee

    What tea on her husband…go ahead and get to spilling

  • Chloe Jolie

    She said shelll shoot her not fight her lol

  • TeamTewMurch

    Mariah and her ugly, dusty ass mammie need to stfu before somebody come thru and spill them teas on her husband!!!!!

  • constance wimbley

    Heavenly is a devil… and full of shit.. Daddy needs a real conversation I love you Ms Lucy. Us Tenneseans don’t take no shizzzz. Love you Mariah glad your back if you need some new friends let me know real ones

  • Hope road

    I just can’t like Mariah… I try I try… but I just can’t do it.

  • Karen Wright

    Possibly… I doubt it tho

  • Brown Suga

    Dr. Aden’s devote Muslim Family- Could be terrorist and don’t mind her “Loud & Aggressive behavior”…….

  • Doris G

    They all have shade each other, just leave children and parents out of it. Mariah do not do any more than the rest of the women.


    i stopped watching after that

  • Pam Mitchell


  • KingCurtis_26

    Mariah needs to shut up she always in some shit. and she is borderline just as fake as quad. and her fake hulk husband with his bald ass. Mariah needs to just get a career and her ugly ass mom needs to fallback too…

  • ria

    I hate when gen people bring their children into it smh

  • Damn

    I feel like Mariah just feels like she’s superior because of her financial status husband and being on tv . She was being dismissive of the girl next to her several times and quite rude .

  • J Neka Js


  • AveryWest
  • Luccicreno

    Is Mariah adopted? This is not said in a joking or malice manner at all but the vibe I get from these 3 is that Lake is Lucy’s biological daughter and Lucy raised Mariah since she was a young girl. Not just based on looks but their energy with one another. Mariah’s superiority complex seems like it is rooted in Lucy over compensating her as a child. Mariah seems like she got the light skinned-good hair treatment while Lake got the step child treatment. Just an observation.

  • Luccicreno

    I just think its tacky regardless. Women complain about the lack of respect they get from men but ALL these women are over 40 attacking girls and young ladies…its just crass and unnecesary. Attack the plastic surgery but the pimping young girls out is just something I cant stand behind no matter the age of the person.

  • Hi Felicia

    Mariah, if you LOVED your Mother, you would take her to a professional make up artist, and encourage her to STOP wearing that CORPSE style makeup, she is too damn DARK for that JEZEBEL red lip stick

  • Hunnylicious

    Yet did you see that big ol’ forest she threw at Heavenly whilst supposedly uplifting another person? This was after Mariah claimed she accepted the apology and forgave her.

  • Hunnylicious

    Mariah did not defend her, she sat at everyone of them adding lumps of coal to the fire. A real friend would have shut that shit down completely! don’t talk about my friend around me. Thats what had me side eyeing her from jump. She was telling them how Quad don’t know how to act and she will learn and whatnot. Saying that behind Quad’s back. She was Foul!

  • Hunnylicious

    I’m no Kenya fan but Kenya was right in saying that because what Kim actually did was what constitutes to pimping. Even if it was a joke Kim opened herself up to that. What Heavenly is doing with her child is supporting her dreams and building her up as parents should. Nothing wrong with what she is doing, but Mariah is that vicious individual that will twist anything to win a fight. I love the relationship that Dr Heavenly has with her daughter she recognises that while her daughter may be a child she is far more mature than her age and so she is nurturing that and that will take her far esp when she goes out there into the adult world. She will never be afraid to speak to up to adults because she has been doing it all her life. Just because Ms Lucy and Mariah and her crew took some speaking classes now they wanna act like they are mightier than thou! their words may be proper english but their discourse is trash and ghetto as hell!

  • Hunnylicious

    From day one! I noticed from the first episode how Mariah would sit there and allow them to talk badly about her friend and add one or two jabs and even if she never contributed explicitly your job as a friend is to shut down anyone talking bad about your friend. Throughout all these seasons my opinion of Mariah has not changed she wants to be Queen Bee so badly and she is acting like something that needs to be squished!

  • Such A Baddie

    Vh1 didn’t steal the show from Mariah, she’s still an executive producer…so whether or not she’s actually a cast member, doesn’t matter she’s going to get her checks regardless. It is wrong that all the ladies turned on her, they call themselves friends, but they will turn on each other one bye one most likely. As far as Jim & Chrisssy, they did come up with the concept, but didn’t execute it properly and Mona and em picked it up and ran with the show. Hollywood and the entertainment buisiness is grimey. If anyone has an idea they need to make sure they secure it legally asap or someone will come along and claim it as their own, copyright it and say its theirs. That’s from scripts, show concepts, movies, brand marketing, product art work packaging, everything!

  • Karen Wright

    I know Dr. Aden’s devote Muslim Family is appalled by Mariah’s loud & aggressive behavior.. Mariah is the total opposite of what being a Muslim woman is Suppose to Represent… Im Not Muslim & I think this is Embarrassing!!! So, I can only imagine how this must Embarrass his family… Heavenly was 100% wrong for saying she’d fight Miss Lucy thats Crazy!!! And Mariah shouldve Never Invited Heavenly.. If you have A Problem with My Mother, I have a problem with you & Im Not Entertaining someone that I felt disrepected My Mother PERIOD!!!

  • Kay

    Exactly, so she shouldn’t say that about Heavenly’s daughter like the girl is a kid. It’s different if the kids is 18+ but Aulora is like 10 or something. I don’t know, it made me feel hella uncomfortable.

  • quadir

    tegh g


    but she said she doesn’t mess around about children

  • Zarah

    The conversation I remember, she said it was her cousin…she may have said it was “brother” at another time….

  • LolaJonez

    Truth. Just like every other “reality” show on bravo or vh1. They did the same to Nene as well as Jim n Chrissy. Mona learned from the best, Cohen, smh

  • J Neka Js

    I stopped liking Mariah when she was talking mess behind Quad back. I don’t think Quad used her. How? Her and Quad were friends so of course u going to put your friend on the show with u. Mariah use to dog Quad in her confessional. Everyone saw how messy Mariah was and distanced themselves from her. I don’t see how she used her

  • Wonder_Woman15

    Wasn’t that drug dealer Mariah brothers?

  • Kay

    The stuff about Heavenly’s daughter

  • Kay

    I think it was okay for Kenya to say it cause Kim’s daughter is 19 and has been coming for Kenya on social media and Kim did try pimp her out for John Legend tickets, but when Mariah said it right now I cringed. Heavenly’s daughter is a child and innocent like what is Mariah thinking?! I think she’s gonna get a huge backlash for that comment! That was totally out of line

  • Luccicreno

    All jokes aside can we stop using the phrase “Pimp your daughter out”? The fact that 40+ yr old women throw this around as an insult to one another and is actually a very sick statement to make once you actually analyze the statement. Kenya and Mariah both,say wtf you want but some shit is just tactless and crass.

  • wuzzy

    They fkn talk too much….cant finish my ears are frustrated

  • Zarah

    It wasn’t Mariah’s brother it was her cousin- Mariah said when he got busted, that’s when she met Quad and BOTH her and Aydan helped her out…..

    Not sure what your issue is because Mariah never tried to hide where she came from or the fact that her husband has a lot to do with what she was able to do in her life- that is a major part of her issue with Quad- instead of giving her husband some credit for what he brought to her life- she’s making him look crazy out there….if it were up to Aydan alone, I doubt he would even fart on Quad so she has the both of them to thank.

  • Elisa

    18 mins of absolute load of pointless jibber jabber!

  • Fee2nice

    That’s messed up they edited out the part of Mariah’s mom and Toya’s mom showing love to one another

  • Bridgette Lee

    The bravest thing you can do when you are not brave is to profess courage and act accordingly

  • Lanegra

    Thank you this EP titles are vanity titles with a slightly higher check because VInce was EP of The Real and we know what happened to tay tay.

  • Lanegra

    lol the accuracy I am sure there are a few young girls waiting for Dr. G to go half on a baby with his mini cooper. lol

  • Lanegra

    and that quote is exactly what has me ready for the reunion.LOL it’s on !

  • Angela Mclaurin

    No wrong answer….what they said

  • Dante Armstrong

    But if you want to be factual if Quad dated Mariah’s brother who was a drug dealer what does that say about Mariah’s family. She wasn’t in ANY position to be talking like she was about quad. In fact if anybody dragged anyone from the gutters it would be mariah’s husband because Mariah was a mother out of wedlock and broke. Sooo. Quad should be thanking him and not her.

  • Sevenwinters6summers

    Yall hatin on Mariah smh but the ratings WENT UP There were always be haters

  • BrainsNBeauty

    Is it me or does Mariah treat her sister Lake like a little azz kid?? She STAY shutting her down & correcting her & Lake acts like she’s intimidated by her. Not just in this clip but if you haven’t seen their other reviews go back and watch from last season. HOWEVER, Mariah wasn’t lying when she said they were making commercials for their spouses. Lmao Don’t get on tv & play ya self cause the way ATL is set up next season your husbands side chick or your replacement might be your cast mate.

  • BrainsNBeauty

    Girl, YES!

  • R C

    Yuck! These 3 are trash

  • India

    Agree …they use to be best friends
    Quad dated Mariah’s brother …
    And they worked together selling pharmaceuticals…once she got on the show …she started showing her ass

  • India

    Mariah is the one who brought Quad to the show ..and them ladies did not like Quad
    They was calling her ghetto and pulling up her mugshots off the Internet …talking about how she wanna be like Mariah …and Quad thinks these are her friends ..

  • Hyewon

    Cousin….older cousin

  • India

    Quad use to date Mariah’s brother who was a drug dealer ….

  • Now I truly see why Quad stay 50 feet from her. She is messy and classless.

  • mikster

    LMBO next caseeeeeee! I quit you

  • Madam Tee


  • Inipow

    That’s why she was so hot about Lisa Nicole and that background check ! She was scared of those skeletons. Mariah didn’t loose the bats out of the bellfry until Quad started turning the girls against her . Simone being the first to jump on the anti board because Jackie was still angry about the kid comment and Jackie couldn’t keep dwell in on it without looking smallminded.

  • Tasticks

    I don’t like Mariah looking so bothered and desperate.

  • kneesee

    Nailed it

  • kneesee

    Mariah or you big mad or little mad? Cause you definitely mad. Yall are irritating to listen too. Grow up. Now I see why Quad dont F with ya. You know Heavenly is just doing her normal shade room confessions. I see it aint funny when the shade is towards you. She didnt say anything about ya mama. I just cant …bye.

  • Anevay

    The issue is not whether she’s likable or intelligent but how she got herself in a position where she can make “money moves” since she did not inherit it nor was she raised among the educated and affluent…..kudos to her for arriving where she aimed to go but don’t act like her friendships and marriage had nothing to do with her journey.

  • Zarah

    Quad is now in a position where she can make moves on her own but she wasn’t born into it and by her own admission- she was dating a drug dealer….got to arrive there somehow…whether it’s a drug dealer or a doctor

  • MChantye

    Hahaha Mariah has some funny quotes, OMG

  • Wiletta Person

    Miss Lucy needs to stop! She just had a stroke, She needs to count her blessings and stop talking about people! What people do for money!!!!

  • Wiletta Person

    Next caller!!!!

  • Wiletta Person


  • Wiletta Person

    Quad doesn’t have to use anybody to come up and be around certain circles! Quad is her own person, She is very likable, intellegient and she got it going own! I like Quad because of her personality! The girl is making money moves on her own!!!!

  • Wiletta Person

    Mariah talking about kids are off limits! She just talked about Dr. Heavenly’s daughter saying that Dr. Heavenly is pimping her daughter out!! Oooh wee when Dr. Heavenly hears about that, it’s going to be some smoke in the city!!!!

  • Joseph Johnson

    She shouldn’t be showing a cute little privileged girl on national Tv. That’s plain stupid.

  • Joseph Johnson

    They are two of a kind, but Mariah is overt, Quad is covert and that is a dangerous person.

  • Josie da Goddess

    I agree with some of the things Mariah said….but she is talking all of this about doing things right but why she had to shade Heavenly at the Mother’s Day party bringing up the fact that “Toya” didnt say anything about her mother….yes anybody will be mad at someone talking about their mother but why invite them to have that opportunity to dis them….i guess that was Mariah’s payback…idk…still childish, I would just not have invited her.
    And another thing, isnt that a child on the end of the couch? Even though she is not participating in the convo….she is still listening to grown folks business… smh.

  • Tasticks

    The truth!

  • Ttrini

    Possibly but Mariah seemed vindictive as hell o she wasn’t ish and she lived in her car smh

  • Joseph Johnson

    She could have had to explain Quads situation in order to get resources for her. You don’t know. She may have had to.

  • Joseph Johnson

    If Ayden gets wandering eyes(which most no good men have in the beginning) that has nothing to do with Mariah. She married smart. He ain’t going nowhere. Why do women blame other women for what a no good man does to them?

  • Joseph Johnson

    A snake. I didn’t even know that. Quad’s ACTIONS are evil. Mariah is just immature.

  • Star Solomon

    Mariah is doing to much. They sitting up there talk a lot mess about Heavenly and her daughter and how she’s disrespectful but this video don’t seem like she has much respect for her mother as well. Yea she’s defending her but at the same time won’t allow her to speak, continue to talk over and cut her off when she is trying to say something. Lucy can talk for herself at the same time, she ain’t going to shot nobody. License or not she don’t even seem like that’s in character unless she feels like her life is in danger. I don’t think she felt that with Heavenly not one moment, she probably felt disrespected but not to the point where u wanna talk about what she’s license to carry. girl bye!! Y’all all be talking about each other and at this point, Mariah doing it only just to hear herself talk.

  • Tasticks

    Mariah is my girl, but I’m a straight shooter

  • Anevay

    You’re right, that’s why Quad should have told her about meeting with producers and discussing ideas for the show….that’s what really made her act a fool when they initially fell out.

  • Anevay

    I’m sure they have her cornered with a contract…she will most likely get paid as long as the show is running but hard to maintain a hold on a show if you don’t have some ownership in the production company putting the show on TV. At this point they are just making her look messy and difficult which will make it harder to go do something else with another company.

  • Anevay

    I think Quad really did use Mariah to get into certain circles that can be helpful to her just like she married her husband knowing he wanted kids but finding every excuse not to have any after they got married…now that she has out grown what either one can do for her….time to move on and act like she had it going on like that all along…Atlanta is a messy-ass city, eventually, she will try that shit with the wrong one.

  • Putting my 2 cents

    How can vh1 just steal her show from her like that just like Mona Scott stole love and hip hop from Jim and Chrissy it’s fucked up she should sue if she’s not already doing so

  • Endy Times

    Come for my mom and it’s gloves off. Anyone who doesn’t see that Mariah is in the right is disingenuous.

  • Endy Times

    How do you know that? Lucy had a stroke and almost died. Mariah had a miscarriage; and Mariah’s sister almost died during child birth.

  • Anevay

    She most likely got phased off the same way Phaedra did- cast members refusing to film with her plus issues behind the scenes with other producers…who ever writes the check always have the final say, no matter what anyone thinks they bring to the table….if it ain’t the money, have a seat.

  • Candice Henderson

    Fuck Mariah and Shit Lucy… Next case!

  • Thalia

    I like how she threw up … they only broadcasting the breakups n issues between the marriages. Nobody doesn’t want to see that … that’s All round me it seem in some kind of way. Nobody can help that dr. G is an asshole n lack understanding at times. I hope they get it together. It seem like when dr g do open his mouth … he always sticking his foot in it and blowing up. Well I guess he is act is breaking point … enough is enough if not looking to patch things up. Heavenly is a mess but I don’t think she is pimping out her daughter… that’s a bit harsh to say about a little girl . She is her daughter so she should b apart of the show. Ms. Lucy u sound thirsty n hungry !!! Glad u looking better though … that first season she looked like she came straight from the plantation n slapped a wig on !!!!’ lol I do wish they could have aired the scene with the Mamas making up !!!! Toya Mom was Georgous and a Natural!!! A Plus love love love … Classy n setting Examples unintentionally !!! Simone is coming off as a real hater this season . When she saw Mariah she was puzzled n hott in the inside !!!!…. she should have felt that way when she walked in and slept in the Lucifer suite!!!!!! I also hate this wicked bihhh witch is promoting speaking to Mediums and other demonic forces outside of God!!!!! That is Literally defiling yourself… that’s saying your God is Not Good enough or U don’t have real Trust in your Heavenly Father!!!(Family … don’t do it!!! Doing voodoo or looking into doing spells/ witchcraft is placing the sword in your back first and agreeing to put the curse on your Back !!!!!!!! Ok ok … I’m done 🙂 lol

  • zoe camilleri

    lol are you threatening heavenly careful you might get sued

  • Hyewon

    Agree, Quad manufactured her entire persona and tries to discredit people like Mariah and her own husband who know the real.

  • Ttrini

    What kind of friend is that tho??? If that’s what a so called friends help comes with then fuck that keep that shit!!! Honor and respecting a friend should go both ways

  • Hyewon

    There’s a reason why Shaunie O’Neal as an executive producer is also the most low key boring cast member on Basketball wives…..can’t be losing your shit….fighting and acting all ratchet then think you will be respected on the other side of the camera…or get some protection on paper with a tight contract.
    Mariah should be rising above the caliber of reality cast members who make these messy clap back videos…..Her and her mama can look as good as can be but they’re still ghetto as ever.

  • India

    Facts …I can’t stand Heavenly

  • India

    At the end of the day ..they all do the same shit in each of faces and talk behind their backs …out of all them in my opinion Heavenly is the worst one …
    She quick to apologize ..then turn around and say f** you and your mama ..

  • India

    Sure did …

  • Jus post my damn comment

    Quad is wrong. Mariah TALKED about her, while HELPING her. its messed up BUt, she had her welfare at heart. people miss the bigger picture, she didnt go public about Quad personal business until the sister started acting brand fuckin new. honor and respect a friend regardless. its a code.

  • Jus post my damn comment

    “Free commercials for their spouses” Mariah is that shady QUEEN

  • Jus post my damn comment

    I also love Toya. I used to dislike her until i seen her ALWAYS own her shit.

  • shell

    Didn’t miss Lucy just have a stroke?

  • Jus post my damn comment

    I love Mariah, but she failed to realize she started that fight with Toya on her own show, and her MOTHER IS GHETTO. heavenly was wrong asf but that shit was funny asf. Heavenly takes advice from her kid, its weird and she should not show her on tv. thats dangerous as an entertainer.

  • Malia

    Her mama too old for the madness I do agree that parents and in children are off-limits Heavenly got a problem with blabbing off at the mouth she is very impulsive with at the mouth her daughter got better since then she do

  • Dreamweaver

    I really like Mariah. She is my favorite but this doesn’t put her and her family in a good light. This shows how much they have gotten to her and they are not worth it. She should just take the high road and let the rest of them live in their mess.

  • Agree with you!!

  • Danielle Melanated Sundae

    She said heavenly is pimping out her daughter.. kmt those who know better do better.

  • Zarah

    Still waiting to feel something about this show, so far they seem messy and extra for no good reason.

  • As far as i’m concerned, Mariah’s anger is justified because nobody and I mean NOBODY plays about their mother!!! If anyone came sideways about Heavenly’s mother, she would’ve been up their asses with a quickness!! How can she not expect the same, talking all that mess in the confessionals about somebody’s mother?

    Just because you apologized doesn’t oblige the person you offended to forgive you! GEEZ.

  • Cynthia Watson

    Sorry thats not how things go. Like quad said. Mariah dont cut checks hire or fire. Just like hazel e got cut out of lhhl mariah can get cut out of this.

  • Cynthia Watson

    Quad was right she make friend with u then stab u in your back

  • Ttrini

    She helped orchestrate the mess yes but I think she tries to take way too much credit. How in the hell could they take u out the opening credits on some ish if it’s truly ur ish? Also in this video she talked about recasting and how she would…..if she really had that juice she could!

  • kaib

    I swear everytime she talk about her husband she make him look like punk. Her momma about messy the her daughter somebody need to kick her in her leg one good time to knock her some sense into her my god. I want somebody to get Mariah since look like that damn tiger from Cheetos commercial.

  • HtownVixen

    Damn Lucy packing a pistol? Sheesh

  • OnlyMyOpinionMatters

    But why would they phase her off of a show that she created though? What you see is passion not anger….she’s pissed because she keeps getting disrespected on a show that she created!

  • Miracle Saint James

    It definitely does seem like Heavenly is pimping her daughter for extra screen time this season but Mariah is out of line. She needs to tread lightly before Ayden starts getting wandering eyes as well

  • MelaninGoddess

    Now I see exactly why Bravo have been trying to phase her ass off of the show, too much negative energy

  • Annie

    I thank God my mama don’t act like that. I am a handful but I am glad my mama has enough God in her to keep me grounded when I want to act out. I promise my mama has been through way worse with people than Mariah and Lucy put together.